100% Made from Scratch

There are at least two good reasons why we are absolutely committed to this promise.

First: the quality of our scratch formulas will set our baked goods apart from commercial products mass produced for supermarkets and franchised operations.

​The second reason relates to our mission: because we exist to provide on the job vocational training for people with special needs we want to create as many jobs as possible. Purchasing ready-to-use (RTU) bakery products not only undercuts quality but it also undermines our stated mission. By making everything from high quality raw ingredients we are able to produce a better product while fulfilling our purpose. We are not looking to cut corners; rather, we are aiming to shape lives. Ultimately, our vision for the Potter's House Bakery and Cafe is a bakery with a higher purpose; our bottom line isn't merely profit, it is people.


Our coffee is roasted in house so that our customers can savor the unparalleled aroma and flavor of fresh roasted coffee.

Baked Goodies

Made fresh daily, visible to the customers, and ALWAYS from scratch!

Light Lunches

MLC Catering has been serving the greater Rochester area for more than 12 years. They have a large network of very satisfied clients and a reputation for quality and flavor. All of our homemade soups and fresh salads will be delivered daily from MLC's Kitchen.